Luxuriously designed I Made in Bangkok.

Since 1984, Our small artisanal Thai family, based in Bangkok has been making quality bags for well-known global brands that everyone knows. Launching our own brand with our aim to collaborate with new international designers, is to create the ultimate classy time pieces for confident women. We believe that femininity should be embraced and served with the finer things in life. Our principal is to empower women in their own skins.


33 Years of Bags Making.

Going forward on a second generation, Sy Mahatthanarak, daughter of the family business, has been working behind beautiful bags making of many brands, local and international, new designers or well-established ones. Her technical knowledge in this industry when combined with Pah Ampolchatchawan, the brand’s first art director gives birth to an important brand’s philosophy: “Luxurious Playful”

We have 2 chic ranges that are designed specifically to compliment almost any outfit. The Mini range is smaller in size while the Baguette is bigger; both these ranges come in an array of colors so that our customers could select based on their personal style and personality.


To contact us

Golden Spin Co., Ltd.
6 Soi Tiantalay 8, Bangkuntien-Chaitalay, Bangkok 10150, Thailand
VAT No. 0-1055-55168-92-5
Phone: +662 451 2139
Fax: +662 451 1786


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